SSX on Tour

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Alt. titles
"SSX on Tour with Mario" -- Japanese GameCube title,
"SSX 4: On Tour" -- French title,
"SSX 4" -- working title,
"SSX 온 투어" -- Korean spelling (Hangul)
Published byElectronic Arts, Inc.   Developed byElectronic Arts Canada   ReleasedOct 11, 2005   PlatformGameCube   PlayStation 2   PSP   Xbox   GenreSports   PerspectiveBehind view   GameplayTricks / Stunts   SportSnowboarding / Skiing   InterfaceDirect Control   

Create your skier or snowboarder and get on the slopes in this version of the SSX franchise. With a different front end interface to previous versions, which looks like a mix between MTV and a doodle book, you select the challenge you want to take part in rather than boarding your way to the event as previous versions. With improved controls making "Monster Jumps" (Uber Tricks) easier to perform, everyone can look like a professional without learning button combos. As before, if you perform the same trick over and over, you won't get the points to take your skier/snowboarder from a novice to what they have a labeled "black-diamond-dominating rockstar". The game promises big jumps, fast pace and lots of coloured, detailed slopes. The GameCube version delivers Mario, Luigi and Peaches on the slopes as special characters. Each has their own moves and is accompanied by Mario-style music.