Street Gears

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Published byGala Networks Europe Ltd.   Developed bynFlavor Corp   ReleasedMar 05, 2009   PlatformWindows   GenreRacing / Driving   Sports   Perspective3rd-person (Other)   GameplayTricks / Stunts   PacingPersistent   ArtAnime / Manga   

Street Gears is a manga-style casual roller skating MMORPG game. The free to play game features a persistent city called Park Town where skaters can meet, chat and play mini games such as slalom ride, quiz or choo-choo train with each other or engage in the storyline quests. Besides the activities in Park Town players can challenge each others in roller skate racing in tracks of various difficulty and in different racing modes such as single or team modes and speed or item modes. Tricks can be performed when players grind during racing by quickly entering a combination of arrow keys as they appear on the screen. Performing these tricks successfully will grant some energy that can be used for boosting once the energy bar is full. Besides normal racing there are also tournament events organized in the game. Players can choose from various character skins to represent their player character. The character can be developed by collecting experience points in racing or in the storyline quests. The characters can also be equipped by custom skates that will enable them to tune those skates by special tuning parts. This can help increase speed or curving during racing. There is also a clan system in the game that has been introduced later with a story background where players had to defeat the evil Dragons clan members (played by game masters) to reintroduce clans in Park Town.