Stunt Bike Simulator

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Published bySilverbird Software Ltd.   Developed byProbe Software Ltd.   Released1988   PlatformAmstrad CPC   Commodore 64   ZX Spectrum   GenreAction   Racing / Driving   PerspectiveSide view   GameplayArcade   Tricks / Stunts   Visual2D scrolling   VehicularMotorcycle   

To be the best stuntman in the business, you Chad Adams are going to have to prove yourself by taking your motorbike and attempting five different dangerous tasks. Your five tasks are: Hang-Glider Drop: Chad is swooping in on a hang-glider. You control the motorbike which you must avoid the obstacles on the road and trying to position yourself under Chad. When he is in line you press the fire button to drop him on the bike. Log Jumping: Ride the motorbike along the road and either avoid the logs or bunny-jump over them. Fire-Hoop Jumping: Avoiding the obstacles on the road, you ride your motorbike towards rings of fire. At the right time you have to jump of the bike and fly through each hoop and land land back on your bike. Lorry Catching: You have to ride the motorbike trying to catch a lorry driving on the road. Avoid the obstacles while trying to catch it before driving onto a ramp onto the back. Helicopter Hanging: A helicopter is flying overhead and you must ride underneath it and attempt to jump of the motorbike and catch a hanger. On the road are obstacles which must be avoided. Stunt Bike Simulator is viewed from the side and scrolls from right to left. You can control the speed of the bike but it always moves. On each task you start with 5000 points and decreases as the task is played. The quicker you complete it the higher the score. Hitting obstacles loses points and slows the bike down. A joystick or Keyboard can be used.