Stunt Jumper

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Released1991   PlatformDOS   GenreRacing / Driving   Simulation   Perspective1st-person   GameplayTricks / Stunts   Vehicle Simulator   VehicularMotorcycle   

Stunt Jumper lets you drive a bike on a ramp and jump over a series of yellow school buses. The player has three lives and needs to keep the speed correct to match the number of buses so as to land on the down-ramp without crashing. Too slow, and you crash into a bus between the ramps, too fast and you land too hard on the ground, losing a life. The only controls are 'spacebar' to accelerate, and 'ctrl' to break. Your view is over the handlebars of the bike, looking ahead towards the road, with the ramp initially out of sight. There is little to guide you as to what the proper speed may be, so you have to use trial and error for the first few times. Each time you succeed landing correctly, you get another try with more buses between the ramps. The objective is to end up on the top of the score board before you lose all three lives. If you lose all lives, you restart the game from the beginning, jumping over three buses.