Super Avalanche 2

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ReleasedDecember 2013   PlatformPC (Microsoft Windows)   SportSnowboarding   

Climb the falling blocks as you race to avoid the rising lava in this challenging arcade platformer!Play as an exceptionally bouncy marshmallow as you dodge enemies, defeat colorful bosses, and try to avoid getting crushed. Buy power-ups from falling shops, collect missions, bank your coins, and purchase powerful game-changing upgrades.Avalanche 2 features a wildly addicting single player and a hilariously fun co-op mode. Avalanche 2 is a fun game with simple controls and a lot of depth. It's a great game for all players ranging from the casual to the hyper competitive.Super Avalanche is friendly for most kids.The game features bright colors and a happy atmosphere. Enemies are defeated by jumping on them and disappear in a puff of smoke. There is no swearing, explicit violence, or adult situations.The game features online scoreboards in which users enter their names. Malicious users could potentially use foul language for their name but otherwise present no danger.