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Published byNew Concepts    Released1985   PlatformCommodore 64   ZX Spectrum   GenreSports   SportSurfing   

Surfchamp is a game that allows you to experience the thrills of surfing. You have the option of practising where you surf to your hearts content without losing energy or you can enter a competition where you surf over ten rounds trying to get the best score. Before you surf you can enter your name and other statistics, choose your board, your suit to match the weather conditions and look at the weather forecasts. You start on the beach and it is viewed from behind your surfer from an elevated angle and you select a spot in the water to enter as the waves come rolling in from the sea. You paddle up the screen until you find a suitable wave and stand on your board. You now control your surfer and try to keep on the board while doing tricks as the wave pushes you to the beach. Paddling and surfing decreases your energy bar and when it's empty your ride is over. The main selling point of the game was that a plastic surfboard was included to put over your keyboard and you pressed on certain parts of the board to keep on the board and control it.