Surfen mit der jungen Fa

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Published byHenkel Cosmetic   Developed byAd Games   Released1995   PlatformDOS   GenreSports   PerspectiveTop-down   SportSurfing   MiscLicensed   

In Surfen mit der jungen Fa (German for Surfing with the young Fa) the player takes the role of a female surfer surfing through coastal waters. The goal is to get as far as possible. The water is filled with obstacles like rocks, sharks and swirls. While the first ones need to be avoided, as any contact with these means the end of the game, the swirls only alter your direction. The player has no influence over the speed which increases the further Fa comes. Along the way there are beach balls floating in the water which can be collected fer extra points. When the score is high enough it can be entered in a high score list. Surfen mit der jungen Fa is an advergame for the sanitary article company Henkel.