Time Surfer

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Published byKumobius Pty. Ltd.   Developed byKumobius Pty. Ltd.   ReleasedJan 08, 2013   PlatformAndroid   iPad   iPhone   Macintosh   GenreAction   PerspectiveSide view   GameplayPlatform   SportSurfing   Visual2D scrolling   Official SiteTime Surfer   

Time Surfer is an endless, 2D side-scrolling game similar to Tiny Wings or Wavespark, but set in space. A character on a surfboard needs to survive as long as possible, using hills to gain speed and be launched into the air to travel great distances. The character moves forward automatically, following the curves of hills. By tapping and holding the bottom right side of the screen, it is possible to speed up while going downhill and then use an upwards slope for a launch. For maximum effect, the player needs to release as soon as the terrain goes up again, or all speed is lost. When performed successfully, the character soars near the top of the screen and is also able to grind planets. When the screen is tapped while in flight, the character dives down almost immediately, so multiple jumps can be performed quickly in succession. There is only one life and there are many ways to die. Certain obstacles and enemies need to be avoided and there are sometimes gaps in the terrain. When the character goes too slow, a glowing threat appears on the left side of the screen and that way the character can be consumed by the end of the universe. Gems can be collected along the way to fill up a meter. This is used to manipulate time. When a mistake is made or the character dies, it is possible to rewind time for the amount available in the meter, providing an opportunity to correct the mistake. Different types of power-ups can be found along the way. The game has many missions and objectives and progress is rewarded with pieces of cake. Cake can be traded in for flair, and costumes (also with vehicles, aliens, toons and holiday heroes) with different abilities. By leveling up, pets are unlocked that can be used to receive certain skills. While playing the scenery changes often. There are four main environments: Time Surfer, Holiday Hills, Hell Zone, and The Kepler Run.