Tony Hawk's Motion

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Alt. titles
"Hue: Pixel Painter" -- included game
Published byActivision Publishing, Inc.   Developed byCreat Studios, Inc.   ReleasedNov 18, 2008   PlatformNintendo DS   GenreAction   Compilation   Sports   Perspective3rd-person (Other)   Top-down   GameplayPlatform   Puzzle elements   SportSkateboarding   Snowboarding / Skiing   MiscLicensed   

Tony Hawk's Motion is a spin-off of the Tony Hawk skateboarding series. Next to the game card it includes a separate Motion Pack peripheral inserted in the Game Boy Advance slot. It adds motion-sensing controls to the game so players can turn and tilt the DS to control movement in the game. It is not compatible with the Nintendo DSi or Nintendo 3DS. The game card includes two games, not available separately. Tony Hawk's Motion This game combines skateboarding and snowboarding in about twenty missions set in Japan, Switzerland, USA, and UAE. Players create a custom character and then choose one of the four areas. Each one offers five challenges and a free skate mode without objectives. The motion controls through the peripheral are used to control the character's movement by tilting the DS left or right. This is combined with shoulder and face buttons to perform tricks. The L button is used to gain speed and grind, while the face buttons and the d-pad provide different types of tricks. Hue: Pixel Painter In this game the player controls Hue, a blob, by tilting the device to move it around. Shown from a top-down/third-person view, Hue needs to dodge enemies and can roll into paint to absorb it. This leaves behind a trail of paint. By connecting a full circle or painting around an object, its colour and third dimension can be restored. The main task is to bring back colour to the environment. There is a puzzle element to the game as this technique is for instance used to create platforms that lead to higher levels. Sometimes the paint is scattered in different places and small restoration actions are used to progress and reach new paint. Levels contain water able to erode the paint trail.