Tony Hawk's Underground 2: Remix

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Alt. titles
"THUG2R" -- Common Abbreviation
Published byActivision Publishing, Inc.   Developed byShaba Games LLC   ReleasedMar 15, 2005   PlatformPSP   ESRB RatingTeen   GenreSports   PerspectiveBehind view   SportSkateboarding   MiscLicensed   InterfaceDirect Control   

Tony Hawk's Underground 2: Remix takes all the elements from Tony Hawk's Underground 2 and adds four new cities, all for play on your PSP. Pro skaters Tony Hawk and Bam Margara create what is called the World Destruction Tour, and separate into two teams; Team Hawk and Team Bam. You, as a nobody, are recruited onto Team Hawk, and you must skate through several cities, achieving goals and earning points, in order to beat Team Bam and unlock the next city. The World Destruction Tour will take you from Australia to New Orleans to Santa Cruz, and several other destinations, all with varying goals. THUG2: Remix has all the Create modes, except for create-a-park. You can design your own tricks, goals, or board patterns. The game also features four person wireless play over ad-hoc mode (PSP-to-PSP).