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Alt. titles
"Crashed" -- European title,
"CRASH" -- European Xbox title,
"Crash" -- Working Title
Published byRage Games Ltd.   Developed byRage Games Ltd.   Released2002   PlatformPlayStation 2   Xbox   GenreRacing / Driving   Perspective3rd-person (Other)   GameplayArcade   Tricks / Stunts   

Totaled! is an action racing game, similar to the Destruction Derby games. Dispensing with any pretence of simulation, the game aims for arcade gameplay. The bright colours in the art style and easy way the cars can be turned with just a press of the handbrake all signal that this is not a game to be taken seriously. Although cosmetically the damage is locational, the cars do not suffer unduly if the damage is taken all in one area. Unlike the Destruction Derby games, you can continue to use your front to ram opponents throughout a match. Rather than have the cars race laps, matches more often take place in open arenas of sand, ice, grass, mud and tarmac. Multiplayer comes with different game modes. Traditional Last Man Standing is supplemented with multiple variations. A Hunter game-type, where one car is designated a target and points can only be scored by hitting it. There is also a score target which encourages going for the big points hits and stunts, rather than destroying competitors. Others are defensive and offensive driving challenges and a game type where only points scored by performing jumps and stunts are counted. Multiplayer is supported through 4-player split-screen, but no through Xbox Live play or the system link.