Town & Country Surf Designs II: Thrilla's Surfari

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Published byLJN, Ltd.   Developed bySculptured Software, Inc.   ReleasedMar, 1992   PlatformNES   GenreAction   Sports   PerspectiveSide view   SportSkateboarding   Surfing   Visual2D scrolling   MiscLicensed   

In order to restore his immortal powers, Wazula, an evil Kahuna, is ordered to travel to Hawaii to kidnap Barbi Bikini. Barbi Bikini happens to be Thrilla Gorilla's girlfriend so now he's off to Africa so he can rescue her. The game features 7 worlds each containing 5 stages (except for the 1st and 3rd world where each contain only 4 stages). Most of the game involves controlling Thrilla on a skateboard, dodging or jumping over various obstacles and enemies while attempting to get to the end of the stage. There will also be times when Thrilla will get to be on a surfboard, but gameplay remains the same as it was on the skateboard. Thrilla also rides a shark underwater with the goal still being to get to the end of the stage while either dodging enemies or throwing spears at them. There are also boss battles where Thrilla throws either coconuts or spears trying to deplete all the health of his adversary. There is also a shell game between stages which allows the player to obtain extra lives. The game also contains powerups throughout its levels such as a banana which restores health.