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Alt. titles
"Velocity" -- working title
Published byAcclaim Entertainment, Inc.   Developed byCriterion Software Group Ltd.   Released1999   PlatformDreamcast   Linux   Macintosh   Windows   GenreAction   Racing / Driving   Sports   Perspective3rd-person (Other)   GameplayArcade   Fighting   SportSkateboarding   SettingSci-Fi / Futuristic   Official SiteTrickstyle   

In the year 2099, The Dominance War ravaged all humanity, and from their ashes, a new society arose. The Jugaku corporation was one of the companies that took over the world markets, developed a technology called Hover-Ride, which let people surf through the air. Eventually, a sport was created by using this technology in races filled with violence. In the future, nine contestants enter the TrickStyle competition in hopes of earning fame and money, and find more about their past along the way. They must race against each other and complete obstacle courses. Races are set in futuristic versions of cities such as London and Tokyo. Each character has its own 'special move', and in total there are 400 different tricks incorporated.