Tricky Truck

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ReleasedJul 27, 2010   PlatformiPad   iPhone   Windows   GenreRacing / Driving   Perspective1st-person   3rd-person (Other)   GameplayTricks / Stunts   

Just like Peter Sotesz's previous game Sumotori Dreams, Tricky Truck is based around physics, but this time with a truck. It aims to test the player's parking skills with a long truck across a number of challenges. The controls are extremely sensitive, also because of the cargo, and the truck can easily topple over or lose a wheel. To complete a level the truck needs to be parked in a designated spot with all wheels. It is possible to lose a wheel along the way and sometimes the parking needs to be done in a specific direction. The courses include hills, fragile bridges and even jumps. There are different viewpoints and those bring along two difficulty levels: easy (third-person) and hard (first-person). Each challenge comes with a demo where a successful attempt can be previewed.