WakuWaku Ski Wonder Spur

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Alt. titles
"わくわくスキー わんだあシュプール" -- Japanese spelling
Published byHuman Entertainment, Inc.   Developed byHuman Entertainment, Inc.   ReleasedJan 13, 1995   PlatformSNES   GenreSports   PerspectiveBehind view   SportSnowboarding / Skiing   

A major ski competition is being held and eight of the best skiers have gathered to show off their skills on the slopes and prove that they are the best in the land. In the main mode of this ski racing game, players compete on four different courses. The player will earn points after every race is finished. The higher the racer finishes, the more points that are earned. To win the competition the player has to have more points than their competitors after all the races are finished. The game also features other modes such as head to head racing versus the computer or another player, and also a time trial mode that lets the player attempt to get the best times that they can manage on a course. The game also has an editor. The editor lets the player edit a character and even lets them edit a course that they can later race on.