Whirl Tour

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Published byCrave Entertainment, Inc.   Vivendi Universal Games, Inc.   Developed byPapaya Studio Corporation   ReleasedNov 12, 2002   PlatformGameCube   PlayStation 2   GenreAction   Sports   Perspective3rd-person (Other)   GameplayTricks / Stunts   

During a concert of band "Flipside" you're a roadie of, a portal to a new dimension opens and sucks the band in. Being the ever-loyal roadie, you grab your trusty scooter and set off to free them. Throughout many levels, you will now have to defeat monsters - using a wide array of tricks and stunts with your scooter. As you progress, you'll learn more tricks and gain access to different scooters. An extreme sport game with many nods towards Tony Hawk, however in a jolly cartoony setting.