Winter Challenge: World Class Competition

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Alt. titles
"Winter Olympiad 88" -- International title,
"Winter Olympiad" -- International reissue title
Published byThunder Mountain   Developed byTynesoft Computer Software   Released1988   PlatformAmiga   Apple II   Atari 8-bit   Atari ST   BBC Micro   Commodore 64   DOS   Electron   ZX Spectrum   GenreSports   Perspective3rd-person (Other)   SportOlympiad / Mixed Sports   Snowboarding / Skiing   

This is a winter sports game that lets you compete in five Olympic events: Downhill skiing, Biathlon, Slalom, Ski Jump and Bob Sled. It is very similar to offerings like Winter Games from Epyx. In Downhill skiing, you must avoid the obstacles and make it to the bottom of the hill, by swerving left and right and adjusting your speed by pushing the joystick forward and back. The Slalom is similar, involving skiing around flags. In the ski jump, you must position the skis for a proper landing. In the bobsled event, you must carefully control the angles so your bobsled doesn't flip. The Biathlon event combines skiing to shooting ranges and shooting the targets archery-style.