XGRA: Extreme G Racing Association

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Published byAcclaim Entertainment, Inc.   Developed byAcclaim Studios Cheltenham   ReleasedOct 01, 2003   PlatformGameCube   PlayStation 2   Xbox   GenreAction   Racing / Driving   PerspectiveBehind view   VehicularHovercraft   Track Racing   SettingCyberpunk / Dark Sci-Fi   Official SiteXGRA: Extreme G Racing Association   

After the F1 Nurburgring disaster of 2025, the Extreme Gravity Racing Association, or XGRA, was set up as a regulatory governing body for all heavy gravity race events as an equivalent of NASCAR or the FIA. The year is 2080 and a new season is about to begin. You start as a new rookie for a team and have to work your way up through leagues of increasing difficulty with various racing modes: Endurance, Peacekeeper, Speed Limited, Extreme Weather Races, Burn Off and Warmonger. Jump into your speed bike and race in more than 14 different courses, while you blast your enemies to little bits with an assortment of lasers, mines and rockets. After a few successful races, you have the opportunity to upgrade your bike and access new areas.