Zeebo Extreme Bóia-Cross

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Alt. titles
"Zeebo Extreme Acqua Ride" -- Mexican title
Published byTectoy S.A.   Developed byTec Toy Desenvolvimento Digital Ltda.   ReleasedDec 21, 2009   PlatformZeebo   GenreAction   Sports   PerspectiveBehind view   SportSailing / Boating   

Zeebo Extreme Bóia-Cross is the fourth episode on the Zeebo Extreme series, a series of Zeebo-exclusive sports games developed to make use of Zeebo's accelerometer controller, the Boomerang. This is an acqua ride game, a sport similar to rafting. Players can select one out of four characters (with no influence to the gameplay). There are 3 rapid courses available, located in popular Brazilian locations: Santo André (easy), Bonito (medium) and Caverna do Diabo (hard). As it is a rapid racing game, there's no acceleration button. There is a "breath" button though (which boosts the raft speed), as well a brake button and a drift button. Items collected along the courses can recharge players' breath meter.